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Can I Port My Number to Google Voice?

Only mobile numbers can be ported to Google Voice. ¬†When you go through the porting process, you will know if your mobile number can be ported or not. You cannot port landline to Google Voice at this time. A work around for this is to port your landline to a mobile service like AT&T GoPhone. […]


How to Register for a Google Voice Number

How do I get a Google Voice number? Sign up for a Google Voice number is free and open to anyone living in the US. This guide will show you how to sign up for your Google Voice number. Step 1. Go to If you already have a Google account, just log on and […]


How to delete your Google Voice number

Google is now allowing you to delete your Google Voice number. There are some important points you need to know before you go deleting your number. Google is rolling out this feature so if you don’t see a “Delete” link next to your number, it is coming. So be patient. You cannot delete your Google […]