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Different ways to place call using Google Voice

There are several ways to place call using Google Voice: 1. From the Google Voice website 2. From call phone in Gmail 3. From the Google Voice Phone System 4. From the Google Voice iPhone or Android app


Make calls from the Google Voice Android app

Placing calls with Google Voice is almost the same as placing calls via your mobile carrier, depending on whether you have a Google number and how you have configured Google Voice on the phone. 1. Call a contact just as you would without Google Voice. 2. If you’ve configured Google Voice to ask whether you want […]


How to use Google Voice Android app for free calls

Groove IP by snrb Labs brings mobile VoIP to the Android market. Voice without minutes is exactly what it means when you use this app in conjunction with Google Voice. You can make unlimited calls to any phones in the U.S. and Canada by using the data connection of your mobile device without using any of […]