Make calls from the Google Voice Android app

Placing calls with Google Voice is almost the same as placing calls via your mobile carrier, depending on whether you have a Google number and how you have configured Google Voice on the phone.

1. Call a contact just as you would without Google Voice.

2. If you’ve configured Google Voice to ask whether you want to use it each time you place a call, touch Call with Google Voice in the dialog. If you’ve configured Google Voice to use it for all calls, this dialog doesn’t appear.

3. Google Voice displays a message, reminding you that you are placing the call via Google Voice.

If the call is a toll call, Google Voice plays a message with the per-minute charge and the number of minutes at this rate you have remaining in your Google Voice account.

Note: Using Google Voice for Android app to place your domestic and/or international calls will still use normal minutes from your cell phone plan.

If you don’t want to use your normal minutes, use GrooveIP to make Google Voice calls.

  • Brittany D

    On my phone using the dialer does not send the call through GV even if GV on the phone is set to only dial through GV. Not sure if it’s a bug in GV or my phone or what. I’m trying to get this sorted out but for now it’s a pain in the butt and I may never get it working. Though texting between my cell number and GV works fine.

  • techbytes

    Did you register for a Google Voice number? Log on to your account at, go to “Settings” by clicking on the gear icon, top right. Is the number displayed list as Google voice number or Google voicemail access number?