How to add your numbers to Google Voice

So, you have registered for a Google Voice number. Now what. You can set up to six phones to ring when someone calls your Google Voice number. For instance, with Google Voice, you can ring your landline, work phone, and mobile phone, when someone calls your Google Voice number. See the video below on how to add your numbers to Google Voice.

  • CK

    I have set up google voice with my cellphone. After that, each time I call my friend, my google voice number instead of my cellphone number appears on my friend’s cellphone. How can I change so that my cellphone number will show on my friend’s cellphone whenever I call him?

    • techbytes

      If you are using Google Voice to make the call, then you can not set the caller ID to show your personal number. There is an option to set incoming caller ID but not outgoing.

  • Anna

    How can I set the number rings to at least 30 seconds or more to ensure it rings to my cell phone? Sometime it rings over and sometime it doesn’t?

    • techbytes

      Google Voice default is 25 seconds that is about 8 rings. This shouldn’t be the reason you are not hearing the calls sometime. Could be due to bad cell signal.