Google Voice MMS for Sprint Users

If you use Google Voice instead of your carrier’s texting, you’ve most likely know it’s missing MMS. You can send all the free text messages you want but one thing you can’t do is send pictures or videos. Google is about to change that as they are rolling out MMS support to Google Voice users.

For now, only Sprint customers are getting the capability to use MMS. This will soon change as Google is working with other carriers to bring MMS to their users. For the time being, this will only work if sent from a Sprint phone. In the current condition, any MMS received from Sprint customers will be forwarded to your email inbox, provided you’ve email forwarding setup in your Google Voice account.

Seems like only Sprint is collaborating with Google as they previously allow their customers to integrate Google Voice in to their phone. Only way for Google Voice to compete in the mobile space, like Apple iMessage, is to roll out such feature as MMS. The challenge now is for Google to get other carriers to hop on the MMS bandwagon.

You can read the announcement at the Google Voice Blog.

  • Derek Romano

    The article linked to the blog is from 2011, they have not made it show in app or get anything working with other carriers other then sprint since 2011, think this might be a lost cause.

  • techbytes

    You are probably right. If it hasn’t happen yet, it never will.


  • cam

    I seriously only need voicemail from google voice for my NEXUS6 Google cellphone. NOT text messaging. Can someone please tell/help me disable this feature in google voice without messing up voicemail. Took my alooooong time to set up v.m. exactly the way I want it. Just need text messaging to STOP going to google voice an all will be jellybeans..=). Seems impossible. I seriously do not like my cell at all! Omg it terrible